Judd Blackwater - Canadian ice hockey player

Judd Blackwater - Canadian ice hockey player

1. Have you watched the ice hockey match between the USA and Slovakia in Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang? If you have what would your comment be? What was your impression?

Yes I watched it I would say that the Olympics were different this year because there wasn't any NHL players allowed to play for their respective countries and teams like Canada, USA, and Russia were just too strong because they have many great players with NHL talent who were allowed to play and that seemed to be the difference.

2. You are playing in Slovakia for FC Nitra. What are the main physical and mental differeneces between American and Slovakian players?

The game in Europe compared to North America is I believe is very skillful and systematic as opposed to North America is also systematic but a bit more physical and gritty.

3. Have you noticed a different approach in trainings from both coach's side and players'attitude?

In hockey everywhere you must be in top physical condition so regardless of where you play training is very important it is stressed a lot both in Europe and North America .

4.What would you suggest the national team should work on most to improve?

The national team here is very good and I think will only get better being as hockey is such a popular sport here it's tough though as strong hockey countries like USA , Canada, and Russia have much more of a big population of hockey players and great support for their hockey system.

5. What impress you most in Slovakia both positivelly and negativelly?

I'm very impressed with the talent and knowledge of the game here. And negatively there's not much other than the physical aspect of the game but it is stressed here that physicality is important here for success.

6. Who is your model in ice-hockey?

I've always watched top players in the NHL with both skill and ability to win. Players like jonathon toews, Patrick Kane, Sidney Crosby, Connor macdavid who are very skilled and most importantly make their team better because they like to win.

7. What are essentials for a sportsman if he wants to become successful, to achieve?

I think you have to be a good teammate take care of yourself mentally and physically and put the team first before your personal achievements and that would ultimately make yourself and the team better.

8. What makes a necessary part of your sports diet?

I believe just eating the right foods to keep your energy up and rest is key also to stay in top physical condition by training smart.


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